Soulbyte for Friday September 23, 2016

You are a changing being. Whether you know it or not you are in a constant state of flux. That’s life. If you think you are stuck, think again, for there is movement even in stasis. Look outside of you at nature’s unfolding, change happening every day. Incremental shifts happening all the time. Thoughts, on the other hand, can stagnate and that is where danger lies, in the repetition, in the replaying of old stories. Stories beg to be retold, new endings given, new characters developed, new dialogue inserted. Write yourself a new story, a new bio to keep up with the changing being that you really are. And don’t forget to leave some room for that inevitable change, for the universe may have some good ideas to add to your changing story too! Be open and available to change. It’s never too late to do a rewrite!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Thursday September 22, 2016

Things change from one day to the next. A natural event, a new era, a life changing event and suddenly everything is different. Times of change call for new ways of doing things. Time to look with new eyes. Time to perceive differently. Make this time of change, into a new season, your own change point. If you tell yourself things are different now, they will be. Use the power of your own thought to move you on into new life and a new era. Think differently. Think change.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Chuck’s Place: Kundalini Unhinged

Like a coiled serpent...

Like a coiled serpent…

Kundalini is the Hindu name for the primal energy that fuels creation. In the human being, the microcosm of the macrocosm of all creation, kundalini is said to lie dormant, a coiled snake at the base of the human spine awaiting activation at times of growth.

Kundalini awakens, becomes aroused, and begins its upward climb through various chakras, energy centers located along the spinal column, until it ultimately merges with its male counterpart, Shiva, at the crown of the head. Yes, kundalini, in the form of the feminine Shakti, is the divine energy that fuels and causes to unfold the Self, that which we truly are.

Kundalini energy is not specific to Hindus and Yoga traditions. Mystics of all faiths, who have experienced transcendent encounters in visions and meetings with God, have been struck by the illumined energy of kundalini. In psychology, kundalini would be the equivalent of psychic energy, what Freud first identified as libido, as it innervated the sexual center or chakra in its awakening of the physical body to its primal sexual energy.

The Taoist would know kundalini through what is termed chi, an experience of which every seasoned martial artist can attest. In the realm of everyday life, somatic ailments in the form of anxiety or headaches, for example, aside from their physiological roots, may indeed be the consequences of an awakening kundalini, pushing for developmental unfolding with great urgency.

Even drug addiction can be understood in kundalini’s energetic terms. Methamphetamine activates a compulsion to experience the expansive union of Shakti and Shiva in godly omnipotence. The heroin addict experiences the equally blissful state of oneness of union with Shiva in a blissfully dormant state, like a fetus enveloped in the womb, in the sweet harmony of sleep prior to kundalini’s violent awakening at the time of labor. Hallucinogens are a crapshoot as they stir kundalini to usurp the ego’s control and take one on an unhinged trip with kundalini within or without the body.

The Hindus have defined our current time on earth as the age of Kali Yuga, which essentially represents a Dark Age with the degeneration of human civilization. Carl Jung in the 1930s agreed with this characterization of our time, which he likened to the time of the fall of the Roman Empire.

The events we now witness around us on the world stage reflect this disintegration, as reverberations in the macrocosm of the destructive side of Shakti unleash kundalini throughout the world to prepare the way for a new era. Whereas an individual may be confronted with powerful kundalini energy when it is time to grow up, kundalini can also take the form of a powerful recapitulation experience that rocks the body and psyche as it insists upon burning through the limitations of old trauma.

On the world stage, Trump is definitely controlled by an activated kundalini energy. This is partly the power of his seductive draw. He embodies the energy of destructive change, and everyone feels the desire to break through the gridlock of the current world order.

I have often spoken of ISIS as also being an unconscious agent of the destructive side of the Goddess Isis, who, like Shakti with her kundalini energy, seeks to level the current world order that threatens her planet Earth. The problem here is that kundalini,  lacking the companion of awake human consciousness to safely guide its path of change, will wreak major destruction to the planet. In the nomenclature of the Shamans of Ancient Mexico we are being asked to engage our intent to beckon positive change.

Just as an individual who takes drugs risks death or psychosis with an unhinged encounter with kundalini, so our collective human race also risks serious destruction if we further kundalini’s destructive path by electing madness. As I have previously stated, Hitler was not elected, Hitler seized power. Evolution insists now that we consciously choose our leader, who is entrusted to safely guide us and this kundalini energy of change through the chakras of our current world reality.

Just as a student of yoga is taught to safely guide kundalini through the chakras of the body with the appropriate deliberate guidance of a master, or risk destruction through overzealous action, so may we be wise in our choice of a leader to soberly channel kundalini through a newly formed world backbone. If we miss that opportunity, we will indeed be consciously signing up for the world rollercoaster of kundalini’s unhinging!

In calm meditation,



Soulbyte for Wednesday September 21, 2016

Seeds of real change, planted long ago, struggle now for life. Long tended, they have prepared for this moment of bursting forth. Your intent to change is all that is needed to bring them forth into life now, for intent is the spark long awaited to grant them fruition. Like the sun rising to a new day they too seek to emerge and shed new light upon your life. Plant. Nurture. Wait. The time is soon come. It is in the quiet feminine that real seeds of change are nurtured and brought forth into new life. Get out the welcome signs, for what is more powerful than that!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Tuesday September 20, 2016

Ground yourself in your heart center today, in goodness and kindness toward self and other. For it is in the positive feelings of the true heart that change may occur. Even as you must face the darkness in the pit of the stomach, the deeper truths of the self and life, turn always upward to the heart center when it is time to make decisions, for there you will hear the voice of the changing self, full of wisdom and grace. And that is surely worth listening to!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne